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Why I Love Snowboarding

I write every day. Most of it is done with a small twist and little regard for the final product. Whatever it takes to keep my word factory tuned up, I guess. However, I decided to post the results of this particular exercise for 2 reasons; I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and what follows is a good example of how I approach every subject I intend to share with the all seeing eye of the internet. It all starts with a tiny party in my brain, probably some Thin Lizzy, and scribbles.

On my previous blog I had made a feeble and unsuccessful attempt at sharing my love for snowboarding. It was a boring and masturbatory re-count of how I came into my first board and spent the next two years throwing myself off of pedestrian tunnels throughout my childhood neighborhood. In my opinion, it was uninteresting. Unless you grew up in Eagle River, Alaska. But even then it was a stretch.

So after being faced with having to rebuild the blog, generate new content, and attempt to contribute to a local magazine, I barfed this out one night. There’s no fluff. And I like it. Once it’s polished, or re-written, I’ll throw that version up here too.

Friends are good . . .
Friends are good . . .


Somebody from a local magazine recently asked me to write a few paragraphs on how I feel about snowboarding.  My first thought was, “How the fuck do I do that?!”. It can be narrowed down to three words, “I love snowboarding”. There. End of story.

It’s one of the main reasons I came to Bend my first time around a few years ago.  And it was more than 85% responsible for why I came back again, hopefully for good, this time.

Just looking at the words “I love snowboarding” makes me feel like sort of a cheesy dick. A cheese-dick, I guess. I read these words and I picture them in a cartoon bubble bedazzled with sparkly puffy paint on some tweens smartphone cover. The phrase is a cop-out. Even still, it’s hard to describe the way I feel about snowboards, snowboarding and the people who keep the stoke alive without getting all wet and quivery.

Snowboarding, to me, is many things. It’s a community. It’s an arena for free expression. It’s a political soapbox. It’s flow. It’s head injuries. It’s good friends. It’s staying up all night instead of getting up early. It’s psilocybin and Thin Lizzy on a solo pow day. It’s ladies that shred harder than you do but give less of a shit than you. It’s sleeping in stranger’s beds. It’s being broke and broken. It’s better than any therapy I’ve ever experienced. Some days every lap leaves you feeling like you just got laid. Where in the hell do I go from there? How could anyone possibly top that?

Seriously, though, what could possibly be better? Have a good season!

Stevens Pass, WA
Stevens Pass, WA

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