Keep Drifting

My heroes have always been cowboys. My grandfather was a pirate. I learned to love my legs again by losing the use of them for the summer. I sat so long the ants in my pants got high and fell asleep.

The knee that wouldn’t will again and I just realized I’m 60 days booze free. Queue the wizzle and a hot cup of peppermint tea. Pull out the atlas and fire up google maps. Take off your pants and socks. Headphones. Run the Jewels and see.

The plan started to fall out of me like it had been hiding there for years. A long time ago I made a promise to a few special people that I would refrain from owning a motorcycle until after they were dead. They’re not and before I know it I’ve aced the class and am steady marching towards the truth. Brap.

The truth is, the truth is, I’ve never been back. I left for the first time before I had pubic hair. Flying solo with my stick on wings and a Raggedy Andy doll back when they let you sit in the pilot seat before serving you a happy meal and a lot of accidental cleavage. When you’re small they have to bend further to give you that third ginger ale no ice, please. I blame the airlines for my premature sex drive. I blame divorce for keeping me on the move.

I’ve been on the go since before multiplication tables. Twice a year to a new place and more temporary friends. Then back home to life. The pattern was set in motion long before I knew I even needed it to survive. There was no looking or seeking because there was nothing to be found. It was just the way it was. It’s just the way it is.

When asked why or when or how about the constant motion my first instinct is to shrug and ignore. It’s nothing personal. I just don’t care to explain that it’s simply a continuation of the way things have always been. Again. Transition as a habit as a necessity as a drug. It’s nature. It’s in my blood. It’s okay to need motion to live. Sharks do it. There’s more out there so I need to go. Have you seen it all? Yeah well me neither so I’ll smell ya later. Leave room for me on the couch or a flat spot in the back yard. I’ll have my tent with me when I come back. Don’t leave home without a home.

The why is because it’s there. The where is here for now and then somewhere else again later. The how is any way I can. The plan is the plan will change.

My heroes have always been cowboys and my grandfather was a pirate.

Keep Drifting


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