Sean Rodda

instagram: @roddatrials

twitter: @RoddaTrials



Typical morning / evening on the trail.


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I appreciate this very much, Logic. I plan on sticking around and keeping it up for a long time. And as far as being an asshole goes, you’re one of my favorites, and you’re always welcome here.

  2. hey man, it’s logic. happy 2015!
    i enjoy your writing – keep it going!
    i like to write too, but i never do it. so maybe i;’m just lazy, or an underachiever. i could write about the wacky life i’ve been living lately, but look – here i am talking about myself on your blog! what an asshole! anyways, stay strong, Sean. we need you around for a long time. love logic.

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