A Response to Angry White Men

The piece below was originally published during the second week following the announcement that Donald Trump was the next President-Elect of the United States of America. From the time that this was announced there have been hundreds upon hundreds of hate crimes committed in this country. The vast majority of which have been committed in the name of Donald Trump or as a result of being emboldened by his divisive and hateful rhetoric, and even further encouraged by the white-supremecists he has continually aligned himself with as he makes his way towards the White House. The night I published this piece I received a threat on […]

Love Trumps Hate in Bend, Oregon

Today has been a great day. Today, I had the pleasure of being a part of a peaceful and loving resistance in the face of what has been one of the most trying weeks in recent memory for many Americans. The day after it was announced that Donald Trump would be our next president-elect was a rough one. I, like many other people, spent the day glued to my computer trying to make sense of what it would mean for our country and our loved ones who have been the target of hate fueled rhetoric over the course of this election. The piece that I […]

Anger and Love in Post Election America

As I am sitting down to write this I am unsure of how to accurately describe what happened to me over the course of the circus that has been our latest presidential election. All I know is that last night I barely slept. I sat in shock watching the election results pour in. I can’t begin to count how many times the words no and fuck rotated through my brain behind eyes on the verge of tears. Tears of frustration and anger. Sadness never entered the picture. Disappointment was wringing my heart like a wet bar rag. After the final results had rolled in and […]

Worth Celebrating

Coming up on one more year down. . . If you would have asked me ten years ago where I would be at 34, and if I were honest, I would have answered “dead”. It sounds dramatic now, but it didn’t feel that way then. I couldn’t realistically see myself lasting this far into the future. I was nurturing seemingly innocent and cheeky alcoholism paired with a closet drug habit that was gaining serious traction. I was already well into the process of slowly giving up on a meaningful future. Stressful upbringing, followed by an even more stressful adolescence, followed by an angry exit from […]

Keep Drifting

My heroes have always been cowboys. My grandfather was a pirate. I learned to love my legs again by losing the use of them for the summer. I sat so long the ants in my pants got high and fell asleep. The knee that wouldn’t will again and I just realized I’m 60 days booze free. Queue the wizzle and a hot cup of peppermint tea. Pull out the atlas and fire up google maps. Take off your pants and socks. Headphones. Run the Jewels and see. The plan started to fall out of me like it had been hiding there for years. A long […]

Moving On

Less selling, more story telling. Well, I’m over it . . . . . . part of it, at least. When I started carving this little corner of the internet out for myself my intentions were fairly transparent – Get free stuff and maybe even get a little cash in hand for a lifestyle I had already been living. I was going to test and review equipment relating to the hobbies much of my money and time was already being spent on. As a kicker, I was planning on traveling the world and having someone else foot the bill. But as I said, I’m over […]