Moving On

Less selling, more story telling. Well, I’m over it . . . . . . part of it, at least. When I started carving this little corner of the internet out for myself my intentions were fairly transparent – Get free stuff and maybe even get a little cash in hand for a lifestyle I had already been living. I was going to test and review equipment relating to the hobbies much of my money and time was already being spent on. As a kicker, I was planning on traveling the world and having someone else foot the bill. But as I said, I’m over […]


“Just fucking jump, dude.”   The phrase had become a mantra that over time I had started to ignore. A decision that lent itself to more posturing than real action over the past six months or so. The behavior I had once prided myself on had dissolved and morphed into more of a safety net or protective blanket from the outside world in favor of keeping up appearances and clinging helplessly to some idea that I could control the world around me. It’s easy to lie and to appear as though you live one way while reality is something wholly different in this wonderfully narcissistic […]

Love and Word Barf

Why I Love Snowboarding I write every day. Most of it is done with a small twist and little regard for the final product. Whatever it takes to keep my word factory tuned up, I guess. However, I decided to post the results of this particular exercise for 2 reasons; I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and what follows is a good example of how I approach every subject I intend to share with the all seeing eye of the internet. It all starts with a tiny party in my brain, probably some Thin Lizzy, and scribbles. On my previous blog I had […]

One year, gone.

Harsh Toke Well, here I am. Starting over from scratch. Almost exactly one year after starting The Rodda Trials I got into a dispute over billing with my previous hosting agency and in a hasty act of defiance, pulled the plug. What I didn’t realize, however, was that I was the only party that would be negatively affected by said act of defiance. Which is often the case. My content is gone. Held ransom by the company I wanted so badly to flip the bird to. Pissing in the wind. So here I sit. Sipping coffee and re-evaluating where I want to go with this […]