Moving On

Less selling, more story telling. Well, I’m over it . . . . . . part of it, at least. When I started carving this little corner of the internet out for myself my intentions were fairly transparent – Get free stuff and maybe even get a little cash in hand for a lifestyle I had already been living. I was going to test and review equipment relating to the hobbies much of my money and time was already being spent on. As a kicker, I was planning on traveling the world and having someone else foot the bill. But as I said, I’m over […]


“Just fucking jump, dude.”   The phrase had become a mantra that over time I had started to ignore. A decision that lent itself to more posturing than real action over the past six months or so. The behavior I had once prided myself on had dissolved and morphed into more of a safety net or protective blanket from the outside world in favor of keeping up appearances and clinging helplessly to some idea that I could control the world around me. It’s easy to lie and to appear as though you live one way while reality is something wholly different in this wonderfully narcissistic […]

Stewart Island: Wetlands Rescue

The forecast wasn’t promising . . . But as far as I had absorbed through being on Stewart Island previously, the forecast was more of a suggestion. It could be raining sideways one minute only to have the wind die to a mild breeze and the skies clear the next. I already knew that the island saw 277 days of rain on average each year so I did the quick math, gone for 11 days, yup, it’s going to rain. I’d already been turned away once and had to scrap the rest of my planned South Island walkabout due to every piece of my useful […]

New Zealand: Stewart Island, Part Two

I was lying in my tent at Port Williams . . . . . . surveying the map I had picked up at the Information Center in Invercargill a few nights before. The first leg of the Rakiura Track had been much easier than I anticipated and I was kicking around the idea of tackling one of what were rumored to be the much more challenging Northewest and Southern Circuits. I hadn’t planned on staying on the island that long initially and it would set my plans to walk the length of the South Island back a few days. But from the moment I arrived […]

New Zealand: Stewart Island, Part One

Rakiura will not disappoint . . . The trip to Rakiura (aka Stewart Island, the third largest, and furthest south, of  New Zealand’s islands) is, on any normal day, anything but casual. Sure, the boat looks unassuming. The crowd gathered is the usual international melting pot you would expect in any other well known tourist port. Even as you board there is no warning of what is soon to come after leaving the safety of the harbor. As the dock and the town of Bluff have begun to fade away the swell has already started building. Within moments, almost in an imperceptable amount of time, […]

New Zealand

A few years ago I decided to accept and admit to myself the fact that I enjoy being alone and that being surrounded by people totally exhausts me. It was about this same time that I started going on solo backpacking trips again. I know the idea of camping and backpacking alone is considered irresponsible to some people and slightly scary to others. At times it can be both of those things. But most of the time the risk involved with venturing out alone is far overshadowed by the experience itself and the growth that often comes from that experience. Through these little local adventures […]