Reindeer Sausage, Snowbirds, and a Dick Mitten

Quartzsite, Arizona. A small town I can’t imagine anyone would want to visit if they weren’t a seasonal snowbird running from the cold, a dedicated rockhound, or a soon-to-be fugitive running from legal consequence as a result of  dastardly deeds. I arrived at the beginning of March on my way from Joshua Tree to Phoenix as the temperature started to climb further into the 90’s with each passing day, giving most of the seasonal locals their sign that it was time for them to move on. What drew me to the town were the large swaths of Bureau of Land Management land that allow two […]

Morning Prose After a Storm

I wake up and wipe the dust off of my lips and out of my eyes. The storm overnight only brought the relief of rain for about an hour, after that, just wind. Wind strong enough to partially collapse my tent and fill it with a layer of fine sand. Wind strong enough to leave me feeling defeated enough to relinquish all efforts to try and control the situation. It’s been about a week since I last showered and the swirling menace that found its way through the fine mesh walls of my feeble home plastered my body, turning every exposed inch of it it […]