Love Trumps Hate in Bend, Oregon

Today has been a great day. Today, I had the pleasure of being a part of a peaceful and loving resistance in the face of what has been one of the most trying weeks in recent memory for many Americans. The day after it was announced that Donald Trump would be our next president-elect was a rough one. I, like many other people, spent the day glued to my computer trying to make sense of what it would mean for our country and our loved ones who have been the target of hate fueled rhetoric over the course of this election. The piece that I […]

To the Cascade Range

Once again, they are calling. The stretch of increasingly warmer days has brought more people to town. And out of their homes. It isn’t that I dislike people, because I don’t, I dislike being surrounded by humanity in constant motion. The since passed winter traffic outside my bedroom window would be a welcome reprieve from this thaw’s newfound constant rumble. My bookshelves shimmy against the walls they hug. The string hanging from my desk lamp swings gently in shifts from 5am to 8pm. The vibration of humanity’s progress is constant. So it’s time to pack up and leave. Again. I’m one week away from putting […]

Love and Word Barf

Why I Love Snowboarding I write every day. Most of it is done with a small twist and little regard for the final product. Whatever it takes to keep my word factory tuned up, I guess. However, I decided to post the results of this particular exercise for 2 reasons; I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and what follows is a good example of how I approach every subject I intend to share with the all seeing eye of the internet. It all starts with a tiny party in my brain, probably some Thin Lizzy, and scribbles. On my previous blog I had […]