Morning Prose After a Storm

I wake up and wipe the dust off of my lips and out of my eyes. The storm overnight only brought the relief of rain for about an hour, after that, just wind. Wind strong enough to partially collapse my tent and fill it with a layer of fine sand. Wind strong enough to leave me feeling defeated enough to relinquish all efforts to try and control the situation. It’s been about a week since I last showered and the swirling menace that found its way through the fine mesh walls of my feeble home plastered my body, turning every exposed inch of it it […]

Keep Drifting

My heroes have always been cowboys. My grandfather was a pirate. I learned to love my legs again by losing the use of them for the summer. I sat so long the ants in my pants got high and fell asleep. The knee that wouldn’t will again and I just realized I’m 60 days booze free. Queue the wizzle and a hot cup of peppermint tea. Pull out the atlas and fire up google maps. Take off your pants and socks. Headphones. Run the Jewels and see. The plan started to fall out of me like it had been hiding there for years. A long […]