Coitus Interruptus, The Can Man, and Free Pancakes

Taking to the road isn’t always a rewarding and romantic experience. Mode of travel, willingness to go with the flow, and general attitude, among other things, can determine the kinds of interactions and experiences you have along the way. I’ve been on road trips before where I met almost no one and did close to nothing besides get drunk, read, sleep, eat, wander, and repeat. This time however, has been different from the very beginning. Sobriety aside, it seems like every time I throw my leg over the bike I’m bound to have a strange or rewarding interaction, often both, or see something I wouldn’t […]

Anza – Borrego Desert Dinosaurs

Many of the prehistoric creatures that once roamed the Anza-Borrego Desert can still be found there today, as well as a few other creatures that may never have trod the same ground as those still standing. They draw a small crowd nonetheless. Two hours to the east of Southern California’s world famous beaches lies Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the town of Borrego Springs. The park covers over 53,000 acres of preserved natural habitat, while the small town itself sits right in the middle of it. For the weary hiker or 4wheeler there are a number of places to rest your head, whether it be […]

North to Alaska Road Trip: Yukon, Canada – concluded

Bury me in Ibex valley. . . After meeting my new friend and setting a few loose dates for my return, I pointed the truck towards Alaska and continued on with my previous plan. I spent just over a week back home. Running in the woods and exploring the valley in the town I grew up in. Revisiting the place I used to run away from home to and camp as a kid at the base of the Chugach Mountains, a ritual I indulge in each and every time I visit home, and doing my part with some construction on the family cabin. I stayed […]

North to Alaska Road Trip: Yukon Territory, Canada

As I may have mentioned before, when I decided to pack up the truck and head out on an approximately 4,000 mile journey to Alaska and back, my primary objective was to spend the time I had never taken before to explore the country between the PNW and everything that lies north on the way to my home state. I had a pretty good plan laid down. And as I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, my plans almost always change once I get a good head of steam and set out on the road. Sometimes suddenly and with specific intention. And other times, not so […]

North to Alaska Road Trip: Williams Lake, BC

Maple syrup on pizza? The second stop on my road trip north was Williams Lake, British Columbia (BC), Canada. I spent a large portion of my childhood visiting my grandparents in BC, and I’ve passed through many times over the years for one reason or another. But I’ve never actually taken the time to explore any of it, aside from a rafting trip in my youth and the occasional snowboarding trip to Whistler. The highways and mountain roads, including the Alaska-Canada Highway and the Trans-Canada Highway, have become familiar to me over the years in a sleep deprived haze. Each past trip has been exclusively […]

North to Alaska Road Trip: Bellingham, WA

Stop number one on the 2,600 mile journey home.   It’s been over five years since I’ve spent any real quality time in the town of Bellingham, WA. And almost eight years since I said goodbye, and decided to relocate to Oregon’s high desert. As I pulled off of I-5N and headed to my motel that would be “home” for the next two nights, the heavy nostalgia and possibly even weightier ghosts from my early 20’s started to wash over me. In my experience, that particular sensation has the ability to either paralyze or motivate. For me, paralytic fear of repeating the past and a […]