Keep Drifting

My heroes have always been cowboys. My grandfather was a pirate. I learned to love my legs again by losing the use of them for the summer. I sat so long the ants in my pants got high and fell asleep. The knee that wouldn’t will again and I just realized I’m 60 days booze free. Queue the wizzle and a hot cup of peppermint tea. Pull out the atlas and fire up google maps. Take off your pants and socks. Headphones. Run the Jewels and see. The plan started to fall out of me like it had been hiding there for years. A long […]

Moving On

Less selling, more story telling. Well, I’m over it . . . . . . part of it, at least. When I started carving this little corner of the internet out for myself my intentions were fairly transparent – Get free stuff and maybe even get a little cash in hand for a lifestyle I had already been living. I was going to test and review equipment relating to the hobbies much of my money and time was already being spent on. As a kicker, I was planning on traveling the world and having someone else foot the bill. But as I said, I’m over […]


“Just fucking jump, dude.”   The phrase had become a mantra that over time I had started to ignore. A decision that lent itself to more posturing than real action over the past six months or so. The behavior I had once prided myself on had dissolved and morphed into more of a safety net or protective blanket from the outside world in favor of keeping up appearances and clinging helplessly to some idea that I could control the world around me. It’s easy to lie and to appear as though you live one way while reality is something wholly different in this wonderfully narcissistic […]

North to Alaska Road Trip: Yukon Territory, Canada

As I may have mentioned before, when I decided to pack up the truck and head out on an approximately 4,000 mile journey to Alaska and back, my primary objective was to spend the time I had never taken before to explore the country between the PNW and everything that lies north on the way to my home state. I had a pretty good plan laid down. And as I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, my plans almost always change once I get a good head of steam and set out on the road. Sometimes suddenly and with specific intention. And other times, not so […]

New Orleans, I Love You

Our itinerary said the flight from SeaTac to Louis Armstrong would be somewhere in the ballpark of five hours long. So why, while drearily shuffling up the jetway, did my brother and I swear we were only in the air for one? Perhaps it was the spirited round of Airporting we had engaged in pre-flight. Or the doubles of Johnny Walker the flight attendant so cheerfully indulged us with throughout our time in the air. I repeatedly checked every sign I saw to make sure we hadn’t landed somewhere else by mistake. As if the humidity, heavy mix of southern accents, beaded necks and sudden […]

New Zealand: Wrapping Up

Well, it’s time to wrap-up my recent trip to New Zealand. In some ways it could be seen as a bit of a bust after the whole Stewart Island theft incident. But in other ways it was a learning experience I probably wouldn’t have indulged in if I were back home. My motivation for the adventure didn’t go away, I just embraced the comfort of being completely alone, naked, and anonymous in a place I’d never been. I met many people but exchanged contact information with very few of them. It was a unique experience. It was slightly hazy, often lazy, mildly anti-social tourism at […]