I’m Alive

By now the chill has worked its way deep into my bones. I look down to my right and see the frost piled up in firm heaps on the side of the road, taunting me. My body remembers when I ran away at ten years old and ended up with my first case of mild hypothermia. I can feel the shivers fighting to work their way in from the tops of my thighs up into my belly. I pass a service station, the sign tells me it’s 38 degrees fahrenheit. I’m traveling at 63 miles per hour and every bit of me feels exposed. I […]

Bend to Puget Sound, in a Snowstorm, in a Uhaul

Last week, as winter reared its big ugly head across the Pacific Northwest, I packed my bags and loaded my motorcycle into the back of a rented moving truck in preparation to hit the road for what may very likely be a yearlong stretch of exploration across the country. My motivations for taking on such a lofty expedition has wavered back and forth from wanting to celebrate somewhat newfound sobriety and a desire to further understand this country that I call home. The sudden aggressive onset of winter and the drive from my former home in Bend, Oregon to my previously former home in Puget […]

To the Cascade Range

Once again, they are calling. The stretch of increasingly warmer days has brought more people to town. And out of their homes. It isn’t that I dislike people, because I don’t, I dislike being surrounded by humanity in constant motion. The since passed winter traffic outside my bedroom window would be a welcome reprieve from this thaw’s newfound constant rumble. My bookshelves shimmy against the walls they hug. The string hanging from my desk lamp swings gently in shifts from 5am to 8pm. The vibration of humanity’s progress is constant. So it’s time to pack up and leave. Again. I’m one week away from putting […]

Escape to Stehekin

A North Cascades Oasis I’ve been coming to the town of Stehekin off and on for a few years now and it has earned its place on my “I’d Move There in a Heartbeat if I Could” list. Only reachable by boat, plane or on foot, it attracts both adventure – seekers and those looking to escape from the modern grind equally. Located at Lake Chelan’s headwaters, it has often been a jumping off point for modern travelers looking to get from Washington State’s interior into the beautiful North Cascade Mountain Range. In fact, the name “Stehekin” is based on a Salishan word meaning “the […]

Jade Lake Will Change You

This was originally posted on the old Rodda Trials website in August 2013. I initially wanted to write about a trip I took with some friends to Hyas, Tuck, Robin, Hozzbizz, Marmot, No-Name, and Jade Lakes as an all – inclusive insight to the whole trail from A to B.  And even though everything experienced on the trip was great I still can’t pull my mind away from Jade Lake enough to collect my thoughts in a way that would do it any justice. The difference is that Jade Lake was much more of an overwhelming experience compared to the rest of the trip.  Out […]